I’m New


“…and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Matthew 16:18


Welcome to StoneBridge! Maybe you’ve driven by the church or perhaps a friend or family member has mentioned us, and now you’re a little curious. Visiting any new place can be intimidating or scary. We will make every effort to make sure your first experience is worry free and welcoming.

Stonebridge Community Church is a Bible-based, non-denominational church. We’re an ordinary group of people that meet to worship God and to bring the love of Jesus to the lives of people. That is more than just a tag line here at Stonebridge, it’s our mission. In addition to lifting up the name of Jesus Christ, we believe our purpose is to encourage our community by serving, helping and loving others. Whether you are seeking a deeper connection with God, or just investigating the Christian faith, we invite you to join us at Stonebridge Community Church and see what we’re all about.

You probably have questions, like: What time do you meet? Where do I park? How will I know where to go? What do I wear? Where will my kids go? What can I expect during the service? These are good questions, and we’ve all asked them at some point too. Please don’t let intimidation or fear stop you from visiting, making friends and sharing in a time of fellowship.

What time do you meet?

We meet on Sundays, same service, two times, at 9:03am and 10:33am

Where do I park?

We have signs reserving parking spots for visitors very close to the front door. All other general parking is in the same lot, nice and close! Overflow parking can be had at Ostmann Elementary School across the street.

How will I know where to go?

A friendly face will open the door and greet you with a warm “Hello and good morning.” They are there to help guide you in the right direction, so please feel free to ask them anything! If you have children, check them in to the Kids Fun Zone. After that, you get to make a big decision of the day: Do I get coffee or tea? “Yes” its free and “yes” you are welcome to enjoy your beverage during the service!

What do I wear?

What you wear is not as important as who you are. Dress comfortably; guys-if that means dress pants, a button down shirt and tie, wear it. Ladies if that means a nice dress or blouse and skirt combo, wear it. If comfortable for you is jeans and a t-shirt, wear that! We are looking forward to seeing you the person, not the clothes on your person.

Where do my kids go?

In the lobby you’ll find our best volunteers helping you to find the nursery or check your children, ages 2-5th grade, in to the Kid’s Fun Zone. Our children’s ministry leaders will be sure your children feel welcomed and comfortable. While you’re enjoying the service, your kids will be having fun learning lessons from the Bible through story telling, crafts and more! To learn more about StoneBridgeKids click here.

What can I expect during the service?

Worship: We begin the service with live music, the band plays contemporary Christian music. The Praise Team’s passion for God is contagious. You may see some people expressing their love for God by closing their eyes, standing, clapping, and even raising their hands. Several people from our church come from a very traditional church, but enjoy this relevant style of worship. Words to the songs will be projected for the congregation to follow and sing along.


Pastor Mike Warman has a style that is relational and to the point. He is passionate about how the Bible leads us into truth and can help us with everyday living. Videos, music, drama and other creative methods will help you understand God’s word, and how to live it from day to day.